In September 2016, the newly minted directors visited the UN headquarters in NYC to meet the doctors and other volunteers behind Surgeons of Hope.

Beats for a Cause traveled to New York City to audition for NBC's America's Got Talent. There, Beats for a Cause was showcased in the audition room and shared across NBC's social media platforms. Beats for a Cause promised that if they won America's Got Talent, they would donate 100% of the prize money.

In a song written and directed by Joe Maggiore, Beats for a Cause performed a percussion piece entitled Furniture Music. The song featured chairs, notebooks and teacher bells. This was Beats for a Cause's first attempt at playing music in the most unorthodox way imaginable. 

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After a year of 13 charitable events, Beats for a Cause created an even bigger impact this time around with their new design and sound. Beats for a Cause played at 12 events and raised over 1,000 dollars. Some of these events included the New Jersey Marathon and the Jersey Shore Relay. Beats for a Cause also added three new members and an additional 6 pop songs to their repertoire.

Beats for a Cause played at 13 different charitable events and raised over $800 through tips and donations. Beats for a Cause performed at these events with a repertoire of ten different pop hits.  Beats for a Cause practiced music every Sunday for 4 hours in order to perfect their art. Some highlights of Beats for a Cause's events were at STOMP the Monster 5K, The Color Run: Englishtown, and The Shoppes at Union Hill.

After donating a substantial amount of event donations to Surgeons of Hope, Joe Maggiore was able to visit the Cardiac Center that was built by Surgeons of Hope in Managua, Nicaragua. At the Cardiac Center, Joe volunteered at the center and played steel pan music for the patients. A full blog of his journey can be found here.

In the spring of 2014, Beats for a Cause was featured in the News Transcript in an article entitled "Band Members Enjoy Playing Music for Worthwhile Causes". The full article can be viewed here.

In August 2016, director Ethan Seltzer passed his duties to Alison Pagalilauan and Natalie Pugliese in order to pursue a degree from Cornell University.

Beats for a Cause began in the summer of 2012 when Joe Maggiore wrote five pop songs for a boomwhacker band. The hits included "Intro" by XX and "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.


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After rehearsing for months upon end, Beats for a Cause played its first event in November of 2012. Beats for a Cause played "We Are Young" by Fun. and the crowd acclaimed the new found non profit organization

Beats for a Cause is looking forward to playing at many events this year and raising funds for organizations in need!

In August 2015, Beats for a Cause founder Joe Maggiore passed the role of director to Ethan Seltzer in order to pursue a degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

In the fall of 2014, Beats for a Cause held auditions for five new members. Since there were six seniors in Beats for a Cause, these new committed members would replace the graduates in following year so that Beats for a Cause could continue autonomously in Monmouth County. 

In order to further diversify Beats for a Cause, Joe Maggiore created some new instruments. He built and designed a set of tubulums (see left) and purchased a new set of handbells. Some new additions to Beats for a Cause included three new members, a vocalist, and a bucket-drum set.

In June 2015, Beats for a Cause was featured in a book titled "88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life". The book shares stories and anecdotes from musicians around the world. It can be purchased here.

Beats for a Cause auditioned for three new members in the fall in order to compensate for those who have moved on to college. The group raised hundreds of dollars for Surgeons of Hope and other various local charities.

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For the second time, Beats for a Cause auditioned for NBC's America's Got Talent. This time, a video audition was created. For the audition, Beats for a Cause performed "Demons"This song, arranged by Joe Maggiore, utilized hand bells, boomwhackers, and a bucket drum set.

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