You may have spotted some of these familiar faces around some college campuses! Many of our alumni have gone on to pursue music and/or STEM studies.


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Current Members


Joseph Maggiore

Founder/Director 2012-2015

My passion for music began early on as a pianist, at the age of seven. In elementary school, I transferred my piano skills over to an additional instrument, trombone. After five years of trombone, I began to play tuba. I was in the school band ever since fourth grade, and was the Tuba/Sousaphone Section Leader for the Freehold Township Marching Band. Through playing Tuba, I have played in multiple select ensembles including the Region II New Jersey High School Symphonic Band. Throughout middle school I participated in multiple ensembles including a steel pan ensemble and a percussion ensemble. In these bands, I learned the basics of creating percussion music and directing an ensemble. I have always had a passion for music and helping people. Creating Beats for a Cause has let me fuse these two passions. Beats for a Cause changes people's lives through music and directing this musical ensemble has most definitely changed my life in more ways than I probably know. 

Director, Age 18

What would happen in the US if pounds were replaced kilograms overnight? There would be mass confusion! (This is why I decided to stick to music.) I started out playing the piano, and then, in third grade, I discovered the recorder and carried it everywhere, playing for everybody. Soon after, my parents got me a trumpet, which would be harder for an eight year old to lug around. I played it up through middle school with my school band. In eighth grade, I joined my church's handbell choir so that I could combine my love for music with my passion for service. Beats for a Cause is another group where I can enjoy playing music and giving back to my community. I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope to keep giving back. (What's the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing.)


Director, Age 17

Ever since my first time winning a season of the American Idol video game for PlayStation 2, music has been a big part of my life. My love for learning and teaching music started at a young age and has manifested into my dedication to Beats for a Cause, choir, and the school musical. When I first joined Beats for a Cause, I truly found my niche. I was able to do what I love, make close friends, and give back to people all at once. I can't wait to continue this journey with this selfless and talented group of people.​


Age 16

Music has always been a very important part of my life. I have been playing piano since I was 7 years old, and I've been singing practically since birth! I enjoy participating in my school's musicals and coffeehouses, and also have a passion for choral music. I am a co-director of BTHS choir, and am part of a high school choir, VoicesNext. I also participated in NJ ACDA All State Choir, and am part of a teen handbell ensemble, Impulse Handbell Ensemble. I like to use my passion for music as a way to give back to my community by singing in senior-living centers throughout the year. I love being in this group and having the opportunity to work alongside such talented musicians! 


Age 17

My name is Bradley Loui and I'm a senior. I have always loved music and played the violin and alto saxophone for a while. Being a Boy Scout, I am familiar with community service and how great it is to be able to support a cause. To be able to combine my passion for music and use it for community service makes it all that much better. I can't wait to work together with the other members to create awesome music to support Surgeons of Hope!


Age 16

I am a sophomore and have loved participating in Beats for a Cause last year and this year! My main instrument is piano and I have participated in several competitions. I also play flute in the RFH marching band and the New Jersey State Youth Orchestra. I love Beats for a Cause because it gives me an opportunity to combine my passion for music with giving back to the community! ​


​Age 15

Music has been a large part of my life since 4th grade, when I first started playing the clarinet. It started as just something I did in my free time, but as I entered middle school I started playing instruments more passionately, with my eyes on our school’s Jazz Band, Handbells Ensemble, and All Shore Band. In high school, keeping music with me was a little bit of a struggle at first, but then I joined Marching Band and Beats for a Cause, a fun way to give back to the community through something that I love to do, making music. 


Age 15

​From a very little age, I have had a deep love for music. In third grade, I started to play my first instrument, the piano. This helped increase my passion for music and in sixth grade, I joined my schools choir. Later on, I would be selected into their select choir program and also into the New Jersey select state choir. My passion for music has only increased throughout, and I am so happy to participate in this program, where I can continue my passion for music, but for a good cause.


Age 15

Music has been the only constant in my everchanging life. I started playing violin at 6 years old and continued to pick up instruments from then on. In sixth grade I started playing clarinet and ascended to first chair by eighth grade. As an instrumentalist for middle school choir, I quickly picked up bass and mandolin while also filling in gaps with my guitar playing. As a leader in the choir, I helped direct voice parts while also working on independent projects with friends for feature performances at each choir concert. In high school I took up a temporary stint in Impulse Bell Choir before becoming co-director of BTHS Choir. I occasionally volunteer my violin playing for local churches and I’m excited to extend this work through Beats for a Cause with boomwhackers :)


Age 16

I have been playing piano for longer than I can remember. Though it started out as a chore that I was forced to complete, playing piano is now very high on my list of favorite things to do. I have been in both school band and chorus since they were available to me. Currently, I participate in marching band on the glockenspiel, concert band on the bass clarinet, and pit band on keyboard, all at my local high school. Music is a huge part of my life; I wouldn't be the same person without it. I am so excited to make music with a group of my peers and support an important cause by doing so!


Age 16

Music has been my life for as long as I can remember. From breaking bow hair in Germany to serenading people in Manhattan bathrooms, I've spread my love for music everywhere. I've always enjoyed giving back to the community with all sorts of music, and I'm a classical violinist, a pianist, an upcoming melodica-ist, and a new boomwhacker-whacker. I also love playing music with my friends! I've been in many ensembles, programs, performances, and competitions. Looking forward to having fun and making music for everyone!


Age 16

I started my adventure with music when I was 5 with piano. I found other exciting instruments to play with the recorder in 2nd grade and the clarinet in 4th grade. Playing in concerts was some the most fun I had in elementary and middle school, especially with Wind Ensemble in middle school, where I had the opportunity to create music and travel with my close friends. Finding time to make music has been harder in high school, but I plan to make the best of my time with Beats for a Cause by helping others through my passion for music.


Rutgers University

Justin Hall


Justin is a senior at Rutgers majoring in pharmacy.



Juliana is a sophomore at Rutgers majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience.



Natalie is a sophomore at Rutgers majoring in management and global business.



DeVonn is a sophomore at Rutgers majoring in music.



Nicole recently graduated from Rutgers with a BS in Criminal Justice in 2017.

George Washington University

Alex Kaunzinger


Alex is a senior at GW majoring in biology on a pre-med track.



Alison is a sophomore at GW majoring in biology and biological anthropology.

University of Pennsylannia

Joe Maggiore


Joe is a senior at UPenn majoring in biology.

Dylan Cook


Dylan is a sophomore at UPenn majoring in biology.

Pennsylvania State university

Hunter Davey


Hunter is a senior at Penn State majoring in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering.

BrookDale community college

Alec Battaglia


Alec is a junior at Brookdale majoring in biology.

Cornell University

Ethan Seltzer


Ethan is a junior at Cornell University majoring in biology.



Carey is a freshman at Cornell University majoring in biology.




Phoebe is a freshman at Duke University majoring in biomedical engineering.




Julia is a freshman at Hofstra University in the Physician Assistant Studies Program.




Nam is a freshman at Georgetown University majoring in environmental biology.

University of Rhode Island

Michael Brennan


Michael is a sophomore at URI majoring in cell and molecular biology.

University of Michigan

Robbie Greenberg


Robbie is a senior at UMich majoring in mechanical engineering.

University of Hartford

Ethan Wagner


Ethan is a senior at Hartford majoring in acoustic engineering and music.