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Beats for a Cause is a NJ Certified non-profit organization. Beats for a Cause plays pop music with an unorthodox twist. Instead of the usual singer, guitarist and drummer, Beats for a Cause utilizes all percussion instruments. Using arrangements written by Joe Maggiore, Beats for a Cause plays hits like "I Knew You Were Trouble", "Secrets", and "We Are Young" all on percussion instruments. Some of these instruments include boomwhackers, handbells and a bucket drum set. 

Beats for a Cause performs at different charitable events for two main reasons: to entertain and fundraise. In one of the most outstanding statements, Beats for a Cause can almost guarantee that you haven't seen this type of music before. As for fundraising, Beats for a Cause offers a donation based system. As per request of the event, Beats for a Cause will place out a donation bucket for people to leave donations. 100% of the donations that Beats for a Cause receives get donated back to the charitable cause. 

A note from the Founder

Welcome to Beats for a Cause! My name is Joe Maggiore and I'm the founder of Beats for a Cause. I was inspired to create Beats for a Cause when I was in eighth grade and participated in a percussion ensemble. In this ensemble, we played a piece of music entitled "Furniture Music". This was the first time that I was exposed to music played on other than traditional instruments. The song featured instruments such as buckets, chairs, and most importantly, boomwhackers. I vowed that when I got to high school, I would start my own percussion ensemble that would utilize boomwhackers. It was such a fascinating idea to me: to know that a song could be totally played by percussion instruments. 

As a mere freshman in high school, I got together a group of around 10 of my friends and introduced them to the idea of a band made of only percussion instruments. In order to save up money to purchase boomwhackers, I wrote my own piece of music that utilized textbooks, school bells, and folding chairs. After an entire year of planning, as a sophomore I developed the full idea of Beats for a Cause. I purchased our first set of boomwhackers, wrote a set of 5 different pop song arrangements, and we had our first practice. Instead of creating just a band, I decided that this band could have the potential to be so much more than just a musical group. Since I had such a passion for helping people after volunteering at the CentraState hospital for so long, I decided to give Beats for a Cause the spin of charity that defines it today. After a short two years and a whole lot of change, Beats for a Cause has come to the band it is today. We hope to be a help to your event and we hope you enjoy our interesting music!